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History of Company
Urban Real Estate Equities was formed in 2008 when the two founders joined forces by combining the vast real estate expertise of MK Equities (Mike Kelly) and Urban Real Estate Advisors (Monica Finnegan). Their goal: to provide the San Francisco real estate community with the unparalleled depth and breadth of real estate knowledge that these two individuals and their team bring to the table. Kelly’s background in real estate acquisition, financial structuring, redevelopment and management combined with Finnegan’s years of leasing, sales and community involvement in San Francisco presents a dynamic opportunity to realize the highest and best value for investor owned real property holdings and strategic needs.

UREE and our Corporate Social Responsibility
UREE is a locally based San Francisco real estate firm seeking to deliver exceptional yields on commercial real estate investments —  but we are not just looking at profits alone. We pride ourselves in our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to customers, employees and the community around us. We espouse to the philosophy of the San Francisco based Social Venture Network www.svn.org – an organization created to foster a network of business and social entrepreneurs dedicated to the proposition that business can be a potent force for solving social problems.

What does it mean to be a socially responsible company? SVN has developed standards around 3 interrelated topics: Ethics, Accountability and Governance – with 6 other topics related to the stakeholder of each of these groups. That means we are committed to ethical, accountable behavior stated in our company policies that respect the rights of our investors, employees, business partners, customers, community and the environment. The detailed description of the SVN Standards can be viewed on their webpage: www.svn/standards.org. UREE is committed to incorporating these standards as we operate our day to day business.

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